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We offer end-to-end services that provide manufacturing companies with new channels of distribution and key market consulting. Importantly, we service manufacturers in both the building material and green industries. By using our fast growing network, we are able to aid our manufacturers in gaining market penetration and brand name recognition.

Innovative Solutions for Building Products

From decking, to outdoor lighting, to railing, our exterior building products sector is made up of some of the best products available.

Green Industry Product Advancements

We represent a range of soft goods products and chemicals in the green industry. From erosion control to weed control products, our solutions are efficient and reliable.

Expanding Outdoor Living Spaces

The demand for hardscapes and outdoor living solutions is growing. We specialize in helping manufacturers develop and market products that transform outdoor spaces.

Strategic Business Development

From active networking to sales engineering solutions, our comprehensive approach supports manufacturers through every growth phase.

New Products & Top Brands

What Our Clients Have to Say

“The Garham Group quickly took our product and marketing vision to many potential customers. They have been instrumental in developing sales strategies and have provided sound recommendations to gain market share. We particularly appreciate the strong communication regarding new and current sales opportunities. We look forward to growing our mutually beneficial partnership for years to come.”

Steve Sawyer
Exotic Pebbles & Glass, Out Deco USA

“The Garham Group is a knowledgeable and professional group that has had great value in bringing success to our product lines in their given territory. They possess a great deal of knowledge of the industry and are extremely attentive with their accounts. It has been a pleasure working with the Garham Group!”

Cara Paul
Product Manager

“The Garham Group has been a blessing for our company to work with. They all bring a different aspect to the team and work really well together. They are efficient and are quick to respond. I can’t imagine a better group to work with.”

Sara Schopfer
Jain Building Materials