Innovative Solutions for Superior Foundation Support

FootingPad Structural Post Foundations

Why Choose FootingPad?

FootingPad offers a groundbreaking alternative to traditional concrete footings, providing superior support for post-framed buildings, decks, and various post-supported structures. Engineered to meet or exceed load capacities, these lightweight footings simplify installation and reduce labor costs, all while maintaining compliance with building codes.

Efficiency and Performance

Significantly cut down on labor and time with easy-to-handle, lightweight footings.

Proven Reliability

Trusted by contractors nationwide, with over 1,000,000 units in use and a lifetime guarantee.


Available in multiple sizes to suit various applications and load requirements.

Made in the USA

Installation Made Simple

FootingPad’s design ensures straightforward installation, supported by comprehensive resources to guide users through the process. Recognized and approved by building inspectors, it’s a trusted choice for dependable structural foundations.

Explore Our Product Range

FootingPad comes in sizes ranging from 10” to 24”, catering to different project needs. Each size is engineered to deliver robust performance, ensuring your structures remain sturdy and reliable.

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