Innovative PVC-Based Building Materials


Why Choose Trusscore?

Trusscore is revolutionizing the construction industry with its high-performance, easy-to-install PVC wall and ceiling panels. Suitable for various applications in residential, commercial, and agricultural settings, Trusscore products offer a durable and sustainable alternative to traditional materials.

Durable and Hygienic

Resistant to water, impact, and mold, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Easy Installation

Lightweight panels install quickly, reducing labor costs.

Versatile Applications

Ideal for garages, hospitals, barns, and more.

Cutting-Edge Material Science

Utilizing advanced nanotechnology, Trusscore delivers products that are not only robust and reliable but also environmentally friendly, contributing to sustainable building practices.

Transform Your Projects

Elevate your construction projects with Trusscore’s innovative solutions, providing superior quality and efficiency for all your building needs.

Partnering with The Garham Group

Enhance your product offerings and market reach by partnering with The Garham Group. With our extensive network of innovative manufacturers and commitment to excellence, we’re dedicated to bringing your products to life. Contact us today to join our growing list of successful partnerships.